Visiting moment of ASEAN Ports Association Delegation Meeting

Every year, port authorities from 9 countries, namely Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, the Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar and Cambodia hold meetings. APA Meeting is a place to share experiences in developing port operations as well as promotion and cooperation between ports in ASEAN.

This year, Indonesia was lined up as the host of the 47th APA Meeting. The 47th APA Meeting was held at The Stones Hotel, Legian Bali, on Tuesday 14/11/2023) to Thursday (16/11/2023). PT Pelabuhan Indonesia (Persero) or Pelindo is the representative of Indonesia as well as the organizer of the 47th APA Meeting.

This year’s meeting discussed a number of important port agendas. Director General (Dirjen) of Sea Transportation of the Indonesian Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub) Antoni Arif Priadi in his remarks said that Indonesia is actively working with ASEAN partners to improve port connectivity and efficiency.

Collaboration between APA members, he said, has the potential to offer many benefits to the country and region as a whole.

At the ASEAN Summit, President Jokowi encouraged the ASEAN region to be a space to grow and work together to create prosperity, as well as create stability, not as an arena of rivalry. This will not only bring benefits to the ASEAN region, but also to the world.

Therefore, he invited delegation participants to take advantage of the moment of the 47th APA Meeting to strengthen ties and cooperation between ports in ASEAN.

“I believe that by working together, we can realize a better future,” he said.

For information, the 47th APA Meeting was attended by 55 delegates from 9 member countries of port associations in the Southeast Asia region. The meeting was filled with a number of discussion sessions and presentations on various topics, such as port performance, port security, digitalization and sustainability, and port innovation.

In addition to sharing best practices, the meeting also provided an opportunity to strengthen relationships among the delegates.

Furthermore, the delegates will also be invited to visit Penglipuran Village, which is a Pelindo-assisted village. For information, in October 2023, this village received a sustainable tourism award and was chosen as one of the world’s best tourist villages by The United Nation World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

Pelindo hopes to realize synergies between tourism and port activities in building ecosystems. This initiative is carried out to improve Indonesia’s connectivity with ASEAN countries.

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