Loloh cem-cem

“Loloh Cemcem” is a home-brewed drink in Bali that is widely produced and marketed in Panglipuran Village, Bangli Regency. This drink is usually sold and packaged in mineral water bottles. But you don’t have to go to Bangli to get this refreshing drink. You can also find it in several food stalls throughout the island of Bali.

For those of you who have visited Panglipuran Tourism Village, you will know that tourists are allowed to enter the residents’ yards. Many residents sell souvenirs and plant seeds. The development of tourism has also encouraged the growth of home industries that provide food and drinks, one of which is Loloh Cemcem.

Loloh is a traditional herbal medicine that is usually consumed by Balinese people to keep the body fresh. Generally, loloh is made from turmeric or ginger. But in Penglipuran Village, the loloh sold is made from kecemcem leaves. Loloh Cemcem is a traditional drink that has existed since colonial times. Balinese people used to make their own loloh to treat heatiness. However, Loloh Cemcem in mineral water bottles like this only boomed around 2014-2015.

Although it is a type of herbal medicine, the taste of “Loloh Cemcem” is different from other herbs. Made from cemcem leaves, commonly known as kedondong hutan, this drink has a unique flavor. There is a collection of sour, salty, sweet, spicy, and also a little bit wry.

The variety of flavors is created by the ingredients. Cemcem leaves have a sour and slightly bitter taste, added with rujak seasoning as a neutralizer, and young coconut meat to give a savory taste. The cemcem leaves used are a mixture of young and old leaves. The method of making it is also still very simple so it can be made at home. The cemcem leaves are pounded or blended until crushed, filtered to get the juice. The juice is then mixed again with water and spices that have been boiled.

In addition to refreshing the body, local people believe that Loloh Cemcem is also effective in treating heatiness, relieving constipation, and can even lower blood pressure. Although it has a sour taste, this loloh is also safe for ulcer sufferers. As long as you don’t drink it on an empty stomach. The best time to enjoy this loloh is cold.

In pandemic conditions like today, looking for home-based business opportunities can be an alternative, one of which is the development of packaged drinks such as this “loloh cemcem”. In terms of tools, materials and processing, it is quite cheap and easy to obtain.

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