Barong Macan Dance

Bali is still one of the favorite tourist destinations to fill the Lebaran 2024 holiday. With a wealth of culture and traditions owned by its people. The Island of the Gods is able to attract local tourists, especially during this Eid holiday.

In order to pamper the presence of tourists in Bali, Penglipuran Tourism Village in Bangli Regency, Bali, offers a different sensation for travelers. Especially during the Eid holiday this year, the management of Penglipuran Tourism Village has prepared various facilities so that tourists can enjoy the Eid holiday comfortably.

One of the things that has been prepared includes organizing cultural attractions. Reported by Bali Epxress, I Wayan Sumiarsa, General Manager of Penglipuran Tourism Village revealed that this cultural attraction was specially designed for the Eid period.

The cultural attraction will feature Barong Macan performances in the bamboo forest area. Performances at certain hours will begin on Monday. The type of performance is also similar to the one held during last year’s Eid holiday.

And, the response was positive from the tourists. This is why the event was held again to fill the Eid holiday this year. In addition to enjoying cultural attractions, continued Sumiarsa, visitors can also enjoy other natural beauty.

Namely the bamboo forest as a supporter of the beauty of the village layout which has been the main attraction of Penglipuran. Since a year ago, the forest in Penglipuran has been well managed so that it can become a tourist destination.

Tourists can explore the bamboo forest. There are many interesting photo spots as well as a variety of culinary places where visitors can experience the sensation of eating in the middle of an amazing bamboo forest.

This year’s Eid holiday, Sumiarsa is targeting tourist visits in the range of 4,000-4,500 people per day. The target is an increase compared to last year’s Eid holiday visits which reached 4,200 people per day.

“We dare to raise the target because there is something new we can sell, namely the existence of a bamboo forest,” explained Sumiarsa.

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